Covid-19 Advice for Sewing Classes

For sewing classes to recommence in September, we are setting out some guidelines to try and keep everyone safe. We request that everyone try to adhere to the guidelines where possible.

  • Wipe down your equipment before class.
  • Sanitise your hands at entry points and after using equipment that is not your own.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided for you.
  • Wash your hands after toilet visits and eating.
  • One in one out system in the toilets.
  • The Hobbies Centre have requested everyone wipe down any surfaces touched in the toilet areas, cleaning wipes will be provided.
  • Keep 2m away from others where possible.
  • Provide your own face covering for classes (unless you are exempt, please provide exemption certificate), the Hobbies Centre have requested that face coverings should be worn at all times inside the venue other than while eating and drinking, and at Brigg class face coverings should be worn as you move about the venue and for group activities such as technique demonstrations, they can then be removed while you are in your seat sewing. Face coverings will be available to purchase for £3 at class if you do not have one already. Please advise at least 2 days before hand if you wish to purchase one, or I can email you the PDF pattern to make your own.
  • Tables will be positioned at a distance from each other around the room and will be facing the wall as this is a position that is harder to spread germs in. Please sit in this position when using your sewing machine.
  • Cutting tables will be placed with larger gaps between to help everyone stay further apart.
  • Kitchen facilities will be off limits to students where usually available.
  • The communal biscuit tin will be taking a leave of absence as this is a potential germ trap.
  • Please feel free to bring your own refreshments to eat and drink at your table, but please avoid sharing food with anyone not in your own household.
  • At the Hobbies Centre the kitchen is closed until further notice, however they may be open for drinks and pre-packaged snacks in the next few weeks.
  • Please try to remember your full kit of equipment as there may not be as much communal equipment available for the time being.
  • If you are borrowing a sewing machine at class, these will be wiped down after each use before storing.
  • We are required to remind you about hand hygiene periodically, I apologise that this may feel patronising, but it is a requirement for the current situation.
  • Each week we are required to complete a register which will be left for the venue with contact information for contact tracing purposes.
  • I will also take a register each week so I can keep track of who attended each week.
  • If you test positive for covid-19, please inform me and I will inform the venue who will then be able to inform anyone else in the building so they can self-isolate.
  • Please be aware that if there is covid-19 within the group, classes may have to suspend to adhere to self-isolation.
  • If you think you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has covid-19 within 2 weeks, please do not attend class and book a test.

I apologise that we have to ask this of you all, but this will allow us to return to classes safely in May.

Many thanks for your cooperation.