Sunday Sewcials

Our next Sunday ‘sewcial’ session are:

Sunday 21st January

at Grange Farm Hobbies Centre from 10am til 4pm

Sunday 18th February

Sunday 3rd March

Sunday 21st April

Sunday 12th May

Sunday 9th June

Sunday 21st July

Sunday 11th August

at Broughton Village Hall from 10am til 4pm.

Download the enrolment form here.

These sessions are slightly different to the weekly classes as there won’t be specific techniques taught. Bring along a sewing project that you either want some help with or that you just want to be able to work on without the interruptions of home. I will be on hand to help everyone with anything tricky. You will need your sewing kit, project components and sewing machine, there will be tables, irons and extension leads provided. There is also the usual haberdashery ‘shop’ for needles, pins etc in case you run out of bits and bobs.

This is a full day session so it will advisable to bring a pack up, although there will be a piece of cake for everyone, along with hot drinks, water and biscuits to help yourself to all day.